Ho Chi Minh City

Photos from the trip I took to Vietnam with my family. Starting with Ho Chi Minh City. Hoi An, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa and Cambodia to follow.

Most of the groovy interiors below are from the Reunification Palace.

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City

View from our hotel in Ho Chi Minh City


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Faceture by Phil Cuttance

via Laughing Squid

Rock Lobster & Pork Chops

Pretty much loving these dudes at the moment! Hear more at The Two Man Gentleman Band website.

Audrey and Agent Cooper

Audrey Horne and Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

These two are the best. Just sayin.

Collage by Matt Wisniewski

Mineral Minds by Matt Wisniewski

My Home is the Sea by Matt Wisniewski

Futur Couture by Matt Wisniewski

Matt Wisniewski’s photo collages are just beautiful! They look so effortless and etherial. Matt Wisniewski’s Tumblr is also worth a look.

The above three are from Mineral Minds, My Home is the Sea and Futur Couture.

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Learn to Swing Dance!

Learn to Swing Dance in Sydney

Me and Sam will be teaching Lindy Hop and other dances from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s every Wednesday night at Petersham Bowling Club in Sydney’s Inner West, starting at 7.30pm.

Check out the Swing Patrol website, Swing Patrol Petersham on facebook, or follow us @SP_Petersham on Twitter.

Get in my Kitchen! Get on my Feet!

Enamelware from ObjectOfBeauty on Etsy

Putting vintage enamleware on my DO WANT list. This sweet turquoise server from Object of Beauty has sold but there is plenty more to tempt me!

Daphne Platforms by Gee Wa Wa on Ashbury Skies

Also adding platforms to my list. They make you taller without the searing pain and risk of lasting injury that heels bring. These Daphne Platforms by Gee Wa Wa are very fetching!

Teeth & Hair

Teeth & Hair is a wonderful illustration project exploring hair ornaments from Eirian Chapman.

Teeth & Hair by Eirian Chapman

Teeth & Hair by Eirian Chapman

Teeth & Hair by Eirian Chapman

These would fit right into my Art Deco sci-fi fantasy world. Just imagine these made of bakelite! Super cool.

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Via The Design Files

Hello San Francisco by Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy’s music does things to me. Seriously- I just- I can’t even use my words.

Sugar Pie Desanto’s version is pretty cool too. It can be found along with some other cool tracks on this blues playlist. Makes me think I should start DJing blues events.

Bloooooze from jdubman on 8tracks.

Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn with added Lindy Hopping Skeletons!

Evelyn Evelyn “Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn” Music Video from Amanda Palmer on Vimeo.

Fun bit of animation directed by Hoku Uchiyama for Evelyn Evelyn including some lindy hopping skeletons in the middle there.

Via Motionographer